Sunday, November 24, 2013


It was around 1:00am and I knew we had finally arrived to Kuusamo because I remembered the main roundabout of the town from our trip during the holidays .  You can see from afar the sculpture in the middle of the roundabout and the lights of the two main supercenters of the town.  But wait.... we were not yet at the house!  My boyfriend's parents live around 30 minutes away from the town, so we were not there yet! 
My legs were numb, we were hungry, but most of all I was scared as hell!  How will I be received this time around in his parents house?  Will they welcome me with open arms? or Will I be received because there's no other choice?  These questions kept on bothering me throughout our journey up north.  I just met them last Christmas, I'm the second girl ever that my boyfriend has brought home, and after six months of meeting them I come back with a baby belly.  Awkward?!?!?! Uncomfortable?!?!!?!?  It sure was!
We got to the house and I didn't want to be the first to enter the house, so I was just walking behind my boyfriend at all times and till he didn't go in I was just being his merely shadow.  Finally the time of truth came... his dad was asleep, but his mom was waiting for us.  When she saw me she greeted me with a smile, open arms and the words "Welcome Home!".   Relief?!?!  Yes! 
When we arrived to the house, my boyfriend's brother and his family were visiting, so I didn't feel too uncomfortable, it actually felt like my visit during the holidays.  But once they left it actually hit me and the days that followed, I have to admit, I was very uncomfortable.   Even though they were nice to me and tried their hardest to be very welcoming, I was still feeling as an intruder.  A few days past and I decided to let it go and tried to enjoy this new life.  Surrounded by green forest, in the middle of nowhere where when you need potatoes for dinner you don't go to the groceries, you just go to your backyard and pick them up from the ground, where if you are craving strawberries, raspberries or currants you just go out to the backyard into the bushes and pick the berries yourself, trust me when I say....  "It wasn't easy!"

Some of you may think that a place like this it just exist in movies.  Nope, is 100% real!  But remember, you are talking about someone that felt awkward by even stepping out to her porch in an apartment in the city barefoot.  Not only the country but all this "farm stuff" was new and foreign to me. 

The months that follow were even more weird to me.  Not only because my body was going through so many changes because of my pregnancy, but because of the fact that we arrived just in time for the Harvest Season.  Whatever that means!!!!!

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