Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ready or not I have ARRIVED!!!

After picking up my bags I went to the Starbucks at Helsinki airport where I was going to meet my other half for the first time in almost 5 months.  I arrived a few hours before his flight, so I decided to get a latte which would be my last Starbucks latte since this is the ONLY Starbucks in Finland.  Weird?  I don't think so!  There are so many amazing coffee shops all over the place that this American coffee shop doesn't have anything special to offer to the Finnish community.  After a few hours went by I decided to go on Facebook and let everybody know that I made it safe and sound to my destination.  To my surprise I find a message from my boyfriend letting me know that he missed his flight and wouldn't be arriving to Finland till the next day.  At that moment "Freaking Out" feeling came back.

Came back? YES! 

Arriving in Finland for the second time brought a mix of feelings. Excitement, because I was going to see Finland from a completely different perspective, a new adventure experiencing the unknown.  Worry, because I don't know the language and the culture is still somewhat foreign to me.  But the first and most overwhelming feeling was FREAKED OUT.  Yes me, who kept it calm through out the packing and moving process, who stayed positive at all times... well, that is till I landed in Finland and it was time to get out of the plane.  Then it hit me, God only knows when is the next time I'll see my friends, my family, the next time that I'll see and do so many things that were included in my comfort zone for so many years.  But that only lasted a moment, I braised myself, got up and left the plane. 

While trying to have my latte in a calm, discrete way so nobody would notice, I kept on repeating to myself the same question.  What in the world am I suppose to do in a place that I don't know much about, don't know the language, don't know many people.  Thank God my boyfriend put me in contact with some good friends and they were able to find me lodging in a hotel close by till the next day. 

Then... a sign of relief, at least I was going to have a place to spend the night!

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